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Yin at The Spring Yoga & Natural Health Center

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Yoga, just as in life, is all about balance. Vinyasa is the light, the fire, the sunny side of the mountain, it is masculine energy. Yin is the balance to Vinyasa. Yin is darkness. It is feminine energy; the energy of the moon. It is passive, cool, reflective, the shaded side of the mountain, the shadow cast by the flame. Yin is a meditative conversation with the body. Through holding passive yin poses we are able to penetrate deep into the connective tissues and fascia and develop a deeper understanding, connecting the body and mind. Yin strengthens those tissues and also helps to guard the joints. In practice, we will hold yin asanas for a longer period of time than a dynamic vinyasa class. Movement is slow, undemanding, and the use of props are added to help achieve a deeper stretch while also providing more support. Yin is beneficial for those who experience chronic pain, athletes looking to increase flexibility while also reducing the risk of injury, those who enjoy restorative classes, those who enjoy meditation, and practitioners looking to add more balance to their lives.

Earlier Event: August 22
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